I live in the beautiful countryside of Puslinch, just west of Toronto (between Milton and Guelph). I love photography, animals, nature and adventure. I sometimes ride, sometimes scuba dive but love to travel the World and naturally, snap tons of pictures where ever I am. I am ambidextrous and a mirror-writer by nature which actually means that I do get involved in a lot of activities and hobbies, find it hard to stick to just one, and this bouncing around makes me feel happy and alive.  

As a photographer, my main focus is in equine and pet photography. This includes but is not limited to portraiture, horse shows, barn events, artistic images, puppies playing with children or playing with other puppies...I do it all! I love to capture special moments and energy. I was told I have a talent for making people feel at ease and bringing out mood and emotions that are real, visible in a photo, memorable. I have clients that keep coming back.


In my spare time,  I donate my time and talent by way of volunteering pet photography for Guelph and Brampton Humane Society. The cuteness of images definitely draws more attention from the public. People get to see the true nature of an animal :) I prefer to shoot these images while out playing and being in their natural habitat, rather then caged and looking quite gloomy.  


Oh yes, I am the Official Photographer for Paul and Carol Mott Equestrian Centre  http://www.themotts.ca

Also, working on assignments with Ontario’s only On the Horse Magazine www.onthehorse.com


All of my images are taken in natural light and animals in their natural setting. Personalized experience and phenomenal customer service. Willing to travel anywhere!